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 Robert and Deanna Henion bring a substantial background of experience to yourImageRight.  Both hold degrees in art and have earned their living as artists since 1971.  They have collective exhibiting experience in Digital Art, Photography, Jewelry, Leather, Sculpture, Fiber, Printmaking/Graphics and Painting.  Both have used Photoshop for 21 years. Deanna adds the expertise of having taught color theory for 8 years. They both have served as art fair jurors, Deanna with such shows as the Cherry Creek and Des Moines Art Fairs. This broad knowledge of the creative process behind two and three dimensional art, how it looks to a jury and what it takes to sell it, has given Deanna and Robert a keen awareness of the work represented by your digital images. It has also given them a compassion for the intensive labor involved in producing and marketing art. “Our mission is to help present your creations with clarity, honesty, respect and attention to detail so that prospective jurors see your art, not just a picture of your work.” 

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yourImageRight is a digital optimization service specializing in the enhancement and formatting of images used in online competitions and Art Fair e-jury systems. While we don't take photographs of your work, we do strive to make the photos you send us precise and competitive. Our singular goal is to help you, the artist, submit the best possible representations of your work.
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