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    Pricing is based on three Optimization Options:

   Option 1   

   Option 2    



      Option 1 -- $22 per image       Option 2 -- $28 per image       Rescue -- by Quote 
      There is an $18.50 service fee per order to cover operating costs that fall outside the realm of image optimization.

                      Average fees for 5 images, including a booth image, and the $18.50 service fee range 
     from $141.50 to $165.50.


All Customers will receive the following Package of Images:

 ZAPP formatted images ready for uploading. 

• JAS formatted images ready for uploading.

• TIFF files*useful for magazine and newspaper releases, show          catalogs,  brochures, email and other promotional media 
       where  different cropping  and image sizes might be desired.

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*Tiff Files: Tagged Image Format Files are an industry standard format.  It is a "lossless" way to save an image. You can save it over and over and no information in the image is lost.  On the other 
hand, if your images are jpgs, each time you save them, there is degradation to the image. Your Tiff 
files on your CD will be high resolution files of 300ppi.  This will be your "master image" that you can use for many purposes.  For instance, for a magazine layout or to print your image, you would want 
to use the full 300ppi resolution for sharpness and clarity.  But to send a customer an email image,  
you can open the 300 ppi file in a graphics program and size the image down and save it as a JPG 
for sending.  Not only does this make for a faster mailing, but your image will be so small that the recipient could not print it. To have these tiff files of your optimized images is an invaluable 
addition to your package of images.

We can upload your images files directly to your ZAPP or JAS profile for an additional $2.50 per image.  Need help creating a ZAPP or JAS profile?  We can do this for you, too.

The basic level includes all formatting (ZAPP, JAS and TIFF) and those adjustments that can be applied to an image in simple ways.
The second level includes all of the formatting and adjustments of Option 1, and adds in specialized corrections to individual parts of an image.  This work involves making specific selections for these unique adjustments.  Option 2 is most often used for three dimensional objects that require adjustments or corrections separate from the background.
The third level includes all of the formatting and adjustments of Option 1 and 2 and adds in detailed corrections to images that need extensive work, multiple selections and background adjustments. Complicated jewelry pieces often fall under this option, as do  images that require "matching" to establish a unified presentation.  Booth images are considered "Rescue Images" and the typical minimum fee is $35.

 Note: There is no consistent standard for EntryThingy as they allow each show to set its own standards. However, our ZAPP images will almost always suffice.
Prices Start as low as $22 per image