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First, call us (417 338 5228) to discuss how we can best be of service. A short consultation before sending your images can save time, energy and money.  You may email us to set up an appointment for this necessary phone conversation.  
[email protected]

Once we receive your images, we will view them and call you for a conversation about what  your images might need for optimal presentation and discuss the fees and payment options  for our work.

After we make the desired corrections, we view your images with projection equipment that matches the specifications of the ZAPP system.  This step assures us that what we see on our monitors is what the jurors will see during the jury process.
Once we are satisfied with the corrections, we will send you proofs via Adobe Revel.com, an on-line gallery service.  You will get an email when the proofs are ready to view which leads you through the viewing process.
Only after you have viewed and approved the proofs, will we charge your bankcard account or deposit your check for our work.
Our last step is to burn two CD's---one for you that you will receive via snail mail, and one  for our files, plus your files will be archived to an external, backup hard drive in our office. On your CD (and in our files) there will be three sets of files; ZAPP format, JAS format and a set of TIFF images for multipurpose use. (More info about tiff formats on the Pricing Page.)  If you need your images more quickly, we can send them to you via Photoshop.com or by email.
Not Sure? Try our no-obligation sample.  Send us one art work image (not a booth image) and we’ll optimizes it for you for free so you can experience our excellent service first hand.  You’ll be able to see your image in its finished state before committing to an order.  Should you decide to place an order, your sample will be available for purchase. Please call us for information on how to send your image.   
Note:  Still in the pre-digital age?  Have slides that need to be digitized?  We can scan your slides and then optimize and format them.  Originals are best, but we can also work from duplicates.

How it Works
  • Call us.  (417 338 5228)
  • Send us your images 
  • We make your images look FANTASTIC
  • Download your images
After our phone conversation, you can email your image files to us. We can accept RAW, TIFF and JPGs of adequate size. It is important that they be the files that are directly from the camera, as shot. Files that have been previously worked on may not produce a satisfactory final image. Send us a cover email at: [email protected] telling us that you are sending images and how many images you are sending. (Do not send images through the inquiry email address in step #1 or through the Contact Us link) It works best if you ATTACH (not embed) one image per email. This prevents server overload. If you have very large files (over 10 mg each) call us and we'll tell you how to send the larger files. Your files need to be of a certain size for us to work on. If they are below 2000 pixels on the longest side, after cropping, we cannot accept them. You can also send your images on a CD, if you prefer.